Friday, March 20, 2009

Fred's endorsement of Jim Tedisco

TO: Fred PAC Supporters

FROM: Fred Thompson

On March 31, you and I have an opportunity to advance the cause of freedom and Founding Principles. I’m writing to you to ask for your help in achieving this important victory.

Here is the situation. A Special Election will be held on Tuesday, March 31 to fill the vacant U.S. House seat in New York 20th District. The Republican candidate, Jim Tedisco is a solid conservative. He is being opposed by a Wall Street Democrat, Scott Murphy.

Every leftwing group and union in the country is pouring money and manpower into the 20th District. From ACORN to the AFL-CIO, every one of the organizations that oppose common sense solutions based on principle is working to keep control of this seat.

And it is easy to see why these radicals are fighting so hard.

America is waking up to the flawed thinking and outright dangerous schemes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid’s Congress and the Obama Administration. Opposition is building every day. If Jim Tedisco wins this seat, it will be a very public repudiation. A Tedisco victory will start the process of building an effective opposition to the Obama-Pelosi agenda, and send a clear message: conservatives aren’t going to let the extremist left in Washington strip us of our rights and freedoms.

Please, take a few minutes and take two very important actions.

1.) Go to and make a donation to Jim’s campaign. You can learn all about the campaign.

2.) Make a donation to FredPAC Whatever you can afford will be greatly appreciated. FredPAC intends to be aggressive in promoting those candidates that stand for individual liberty and the Founding First Principles of our nation. But all we have is what you and other dedicated supporters send. I know times are tough. I know you will do what you can.

With only a few short days remaining, it is vital that we act fast. So, please act today.

And thank you for your continuing support and trust. I deeply appreciate all that you do.



1 comment:

Christopher Vic said...

Scott changing his mind or just another example that Scott will say anything to win?

He's lying about Tedisco's record and has refused to take the false ads down when confronted.

Is that really the kind of congressman we want representing us?

I'm voting for Tedisco.