Friday, January 30, 2009

Fred Thompson talks corruption with Glenn Beck

Fred endorses Wasinger in Kansas

Fred Thompson is not afraid to pick sides in a Republican primary:
TOPEKA, Kan. | Two Republican candidates for the congressional seat being vacated by Kansas Rep. Jerry Moran are picking up endorsements.

Rob Wasinger, who's from Hays and former chief-of-staff for Sen. Sam Brownback, announced Friday that he was endorsed by former GOP presidential hopeful Fred Thompson.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fred Thompson show website has gone live, so far with just a general announcement from Westwood One:

Thanks to FredPAC commenter Trey for the tip!

Video of Fred on CNN American Morning

Anybody else want to punch John Roberts when he laughs at "The Fred Thompson Radio Program"????

My favorite part (about Obama):
"This reaching across the aisle is overblown. It doesn't amount to anything."

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fred Thompson on Hannity

I think that what Republicans need to do is to remember why they're supposed to be Republicans. That is basic conservative principles that have to do with free enterprise, that has to do with free markets, has to do with trade with our neighbors, a strong national defense.

Those things that -- not only made us a great party, but a great nation. The nations that have followed that template have become successful, we have, for sure, and we will again if we'll adhere to those principles, and even when it's tough doing so and learn how to articulate them in the process.
Full transcript here.

Let me know if you find video of this, or of Jeri on the panel later in the show.